The Event Team Fat-Off is On!

Summer is just about here, and The Event Team is getting bikini & board short ready by holding a Fat-Off!  While we love indulging in the yummy treats our hotel partners and vendors always bring us, we are ready to fight the chunk.

The Participants:
Battling head-to-head in the female division we have Paige Weeber (who is on vacation & will have to send us a picture), Rachelle Kirchner, Ciera Davis, & Lindsay White!

Females: Before.  Rachelle, Ciera, Lindsay (P-dub not pictured)

In the male division, we have Matt Robbins, Bill Yahres & Dick Burson!

Males: Before.  Matt, Dick, Bill


Friday May 6, 2011 – Friday June 10, 2011
There will be one male winter and one female winner based on percentage of weight loss.  That gives us roughly 5 weeks to drop the poundage. 
Grand Prize:
Winners (1 male and one female) will receive $100 worth of fitness-related items or services (to be approved by the boss)- includes classes, workout gear, whole food gift card etc.
We invite you to cheer us on, take bets (what?)or even start up your own office fat-off!  We will be regularly updating our progress, so stay tuned!