The Event Team Gears Up for New Year

While there’s never a bad time to set goals, January seems to be the leading month for self-reflection. Each year we are blessed with the gift of a “clean slate” via New Year’s celebrations. It is a great time to reflect on your past and consider your future. But let’s not forget about now! We asked everyone at The Event Team what they want to start working on immediately, both in a personal and professional environment. Check out our answers below (some of the girls in the office went a step further by creating vision boards). Don’t forget to let us know what your personal and professional goals are for 2013. Happy New Year, friends!

Matt Robbins- President
personal: Get back in shape! The last 90 days I have stopped eating right and exercising consistently. This is not going to be easy but I will get back in shape and change my diet. Also…I want to get back to reading more books and stop wasting time on TV shows that are pure “fluff.”
professional: The Event Team has had a great couple of years. I want to make sure we stay on course and that I am always looking at the big picture, not just what is in front of me.

Bill Yahres- VP Sales & Marketing
personal: Embrace the little things in life, slow down, increase philanthropic endeavors and add yoga into my exercise routine.
professional: Elevate service support and partnership value to our clients, raise company culture awareness and workplace enthusiasm, and ultimately increase the market share for The Event Team.

Paige Weeber- VP Operations
personal: Run in (4) 5Ks this year, workout 3 times a week, learn how to have more patience and practice random acts of kindness.
professional: Create an atmosphere of open communication within the department, more departmental outings to see new venues, and reduce stress by keeping a running “to do” list.

Romy Linde- Senior Sales Manager
personal: Stay focused, enjoy every minute of every day, give back, stay positive and healthy.
professional: Bring in new and creative ideas, keep everyone focused, look at the big picture.
Danny Fisk- General Manager
personal: Allow calmness to be a reality vs. just brief state of mind.
professional: Keep an open mind that anything is doable and remember collaboration with colleagues, peers, and friends helps make the world a better place.

Dick Burson- National Sales Manager
personal: Do good things.
professional: Always be part of the solution.

Lindsay White- Director of Sales & Marketing
personal: Stay in the moment, detach from outcomes, and practice abundant gratitude and compassion.
professional: Complete looming tasks from 2012, approach each new project with focus, efficiency and a creative spirit. Show kindness and gratitude to all people I encounter in the work setting.

Rachelle Kirchner- Operations Manager
personal: Go to yoga at least once a week, eat more fruits and vegetables and make more time for friends and family.
professional: Learn as much as I can from those around me with more experience and show more gratitude for co-workers, staff and vendors.
rkJennifer Dotson- Operations Mananger
personal: I will not obsess over the past. I can’t change it.
professional: I will make every effort to improve myself and validate I was the right person to hire for this position.

Katie Bowen- Executive Assistant
personal: Read more, exercise and swim, eat healthy, find time to travel, stay creative, move out, and get my dog certified as a “therapy dog.”
professional: Continue to learn, grow, and network.
kbJessica Ingalls- Operations Assistant
personal: Lead a healthier lifestyle by eating more whole foods and trying new kinds of exercise to keep me grateful for the simple things in life.
professional: Find opportunities for growth in each new project. Create a workspace that fosters focus and efficiency for every task.
JIRachel Horgan- Sales Assistant
personal: Run a half marathon, bring lunch to work more often, visit my college roommate in Texas, and overall try to be more selfless in my daily life.
professional: Grow in this industry and learn as much as I can from everyone around me. Challenge myself and strive to exceed expectations in all aspects of the job.
rhJackie Fennelly- Sales Intern
personal: Do some soul searching! Pinpoint and focus on personal strengths and successes, and taking weakness and failure as opportunities for improvement.
professional: Continue to serve as the support of my co-workers, doing whatever I can to make their jobs easier. Embrace every moment and opportunity to learn and thrive in the business, and maintain constant focus on my goals as a professional.