The Event Team Interns – Where Are They Now?

While The Event Team is known for holding on to a lot of our interns (Romy Linde, Katie Bowen, Jackie Fennelly), some move on to work in various fields within the industry. We thought it would be fun to check up on some of the “Super People” who have interned for The Event Team over the years to see how they’ve grown in the hospitality industry.


We recently caught up with Ryann Hastings, who interned under Bill Yahres, VP of Sales & Marketing in 2007. Bill commented, “Ryann was one of our brightest interns, and very well liked by all. Even then it was clear that her easygoing and approachable personality would lead her to a position in sales at some point. We could not be more proud of her!”

Ryann is a San Diego State University alum, receiving her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. She currently lives in San Diego and works as Sales Associate and Event Designer at Crown Point Catering (our preferred caterer!).

What did you like about The Event Team’s Internship Program. Were you able to develop or work on any particular skills?
I love how personable everyone is at The Event Team. I learned so much because people were so open to share information and their past experiences. I felt that the program was really beneficial because I was able to see an event from beginning to end. And when I say beginning I mean, the beginning, from researching different conferences that were coming into town, to reaching out to them, to booking the business, to executing the event. I really got an incredible idea of how everything worked and how critical each step was in creating a successful event.

How did your knowledge of the Hospitality industry grow as a result of working with The Event Team?
I got to learn quite a bit about a lot of different parts that contribute to a conference/event. Transportation, decor, lodging, the food, etc. so it really opened up my eyes to different avenues that I could potentially see myself starting a career in. I think the most valuable part that I learned in my particular program was how to put together a clean, easy to read proposal that makes sense to a potential client, I helped out a lot with putting together proposals and I’m using the skills I learned in doing that in my current position.

Tell us a little bit about your current position. Are you still involved in the hospitality industry?
I love my job! Randomly enough one of the events that I worked as an intern at The Event Team on the Embarcadero in downtown was catered by CPC! After I graduated I moved to LA and worked for a design and decor company, and upon my return to San Diego I started working at Crown Point Catering. I found the position through my Alumni Association email and realized their connection with The Event Team; I was sold right away. In my role I follow the event from beginning to end. I research the business, I book the business, I create the menus, book the rentals, and I manage the event the day of to make sure the execution goes well  It’s a lot of work but a lot of fun!

What are you up to these days? Any interests/hobbies outside of work?
In my time off you can find me at any of the amazing restaurants here in San Diego – I’m a huge foodie! (I live in downtown so some of my favs are Juniper and Ivy, Prep Kitchen, Davanti, Puesto, Sevilla, I could go on…) I love yoga and pilates as well, I also am a huge advocate for mini weekend vacays so any weekend I can get when I’m not working I love to visit friends in Orange County, Los Angeles or San Francisco!