The Event Team Selects Full Time Employee of the Quarter

For many years, The Event Team has offered its gratitude to our field staff and vendor partners by selecting an employee and vendor of the quarter. These are people/companies who have gone out of their way to set industry standards and exceed our expectations as well as our client’s expectations.

This year, we decided to implement a similar program for our full time employees. We’re happy to announce our first quarter winner is Lindsay White, Director of Marketing. Lindsay has been with the company since 2007, initially starting in the Operations department, then moving to the Sales team, and finally establishing our Marketing Department around 2010. Lindsay’s passion for creativity and focus on branding have helped set The Event Team apart from competitors.


photo by Jaymee Carvajal

Lindsay says, “My job is fun because I get to come up with clever ways to broadcast and emphasize what is already true about our company: we have super people, and we operate superior events. I love that my co-workers have faith in me when it comes to creativity and writing because those are two muscles I need to flex in order to be happy in my career. I’m so proud of how far the company has come and that I’ve been there to witness and contribute to its journey.”

Criteria for the Employee of the Quarter award was described as “a full time employee who in the first quarter has contributed greatly to the success of The Event Team. The person has gone above and beyond their normal job to help our company.” To give you an idea of how Lindsay fulfilled this requirement, here are several anonymously-submitted nominations:

“I nominate Lindsay. This quarter we did the most marketing for hotels than I think we ever have, which meant more work for her. Lindsay not only came up with the creative ideas, but fully executed them herself…She doesn’t boast or brag about the work she does here which speaks volumes of her dedication to the company. While you may hear a complaint disguised as a joke from time to time, no one ever questions her passion for making The Event Team the best we can be…”

“I nominate Lindsay White for all of her hard work in helping us get into more hotels in SD and LA…Our marketing is what’s exemplary so far this year at The Event Team.”

“In her six plus years with The Event Team Lindsay has transformed our company – exponentially more than anyone else. Her creative artistry is incomparable. A superb writer and graphic designer, Lindsay repeatedly comes up with the solution, then effortlessly produces the product. Her collective body of work is astonishing. Her most impressive attribute: Lindsay has the vision necessary to anticipate need. The result – our modest team successfully competes with and gains market share from competitors throughout Southern California. Added to her many talents, the rare ability to sell her vision . . . everyone is her friend. We’re blessed she’s on our team.”

Congrats on this achievement, Lindsay! We’ll all miss you this May as you take hiatus for your annual West Coast tour with The Lovebirds. Stay tuned for next quarter’s winner, which we will announce in July!