The Event Team Welcomes new General Manager and Sales Manager

Geraldine Caedo and Carly Cylinder join The Event Team’s Los Angeles Office

Los Angeles, CA – The Event Team is excited to welcome two new members to its Los Angeles office: Geraldine Caedo, General Manager and Carly Cylinder, Sales Manager.

Caedo (L), Cylinder (R)

Caedo (L), Cylinder (R)

Caedo, a 21 year Los Angeles resident, has worked in the hospitality industry for nearly a decade has an over-the-road Tour Director as well as field staff for several DMCs (including The Event Team) in L.A. and other cities. “I have a genuine affinity for leadership and management,” said Caedo. “I believe very much in both empowering and challenging staff. I know and love Los Angeles and am excited to create out-of-the box experiences with our fresh and hungry team.”

A 12 year L.A. resident, Cylinder also brings much to the table in terms of destination knowledge, event experience and creativity, working as Creative Director of the bicoastal floral design studio Flour LA, Inc. Cylinder said, “I like the family feel of our boutique agency…I like that my thoughts and opinions are valued and heard.”

Matt Robbins, The Event Team’s founder/CEO said, “Geraldine and Carly have already hit the ground running, and we couldn’t be more confident in our team now that they’ve joined us. We look forward to continued growth and success in our Los Angeles office.”

Find out more about Geraldine and Carly, along the rest of the team, here!