Thoughts on our Pops! Father’s Day Edition

“Dads are most ordinary men turned by love into heroes, adventurers, story-tellers, singers of songs.”
– Pam Brown
In honor of Father’s Day, we thought we’d take a moment to reflect and share special memories we have of our dads.  Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there!
Matt Robbins – President
As my Dad turns 90 this year, on the day before Father’s day. I am still amazed at the vast amount of knowledge he has. My Dad remembers everything from his past and became my “answer man” because he seems to know something about everything I ask him!  I can only hope to retain as much information as he does.

Bill Yahres – VP Sales & Marketing
When I was about 12, my Dad and I packed lunches and went on an all-day adventure on our motorcycles in the woods.  I remember eating under a tree together and can’t recall a word we said, but it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Paige Weeber – VP Operations
I admire my dad for pursuing his dream.  After finally graduating college (he tested many out) he went into the banking business and was very successful working within the loan department, dealing with out of state customers.   But on the weekends, he worked in a specialty hobby store that fueled his favorite pastime – model trains.  After working at the store for 6 years, the opportunity to purchase the store was presented to him.  It was a dream come true.  But he had a wife and daughter – should he leave the comfort of his 9-5 secure job and jump into retail – and a “hobby” store nonetheless?  Well, he took the risk and turned a small retail store into a very successful business that is respected by many in his industry. He is a very knowledgeable business man who is also very respected by everyone he deals with on a daily basis.  35 years later, my dad is still doing what he loves and now has two successful stores that he runs, in addition to the many positions he holds on industry boards, committees and side businesses he has spun off from the original store.  Having him as a role model has taught me that anything is possible and all you need is the support of your family and the trust in your heart.

Romy Linde- Senior Sales Manager 
My dad has taught me to be true to myself and has been my number one fan!

Sally Davis – Operations Manager /Director of Program Development
I have a treasure trove of great memories of my Dad.  He was an FBI (Full Blooded Italian) full of life always bringing home fun things for us to play with like a unicycle, pogo sticks, stilts, whirligigs, snow mobiles, canoes, speed boats scooters, and many others    The most endearing of which was Dad’s Classic Mahogany Woodie boat that I spent every summer in from the time I was pulled behind it on a “surf board”  at 4 years old (all by myself) to Dad’s memory today when my son takes his little girls for boat rides in that very same boat.

Dick Burson – National Sales Manager

My Dad was forever planning the next family outing.  Some were day trips along the coast, others weeks long to his home state of Arkansas.  The trips were always fun, and gave me my desire for seeing and experiencing new places and things, in California and around the world.

Lindsay White – Director of Sales & Marketing
I think I am the son my dad never had – all my memories of him are centered around goofing off. We would fake-wrestle (that’s us tackling my older sister in the picture), shoot free throws on the driveway hoop, play nerf basketball in the pool, and yep, play even more basketball in the gym (he was my coach in high school).  My favorite memory of him was the car ride to school in his tiny white Dodge.  Every morning we’d pile in this pretend spaceship named “The Good Ship Dakota”.  We would count down from 5 and “blast off” out of the driveway.  On the way to school, we’d assign points for blasting “hairy-legged space creatures” (our neighbors).  I would pretend to shoot lasers with the stick shift and laugh all the way to school while my sister rolled her eyes at us.

Ciera Davis – Sales Assistant
My dad is the smartest person that I know…literally.  Among the many lessons that he has taught me, the most valuable have been the following:
1.) Never stop learning
2.) Never give up
He also acts as a voice of reason in many situations and reasures me that everything will always be okay.  Case in point, I became convinced that the world was going to end on May 21st (thanks Harold Camping) and being the sensible and reasonable man that my dad is, he assured me that we would all wake up on May 22nd just fine…and we did.  It’s not as though a million people hadn’t assured me the same thing, but when a Dad says that ‘everything will be okay’, you really know it will be.  Dad’s are magical that way.