Tuesday Tips – 4 Ways to Coordinate the Perfect Site Visit

A site visit is often your client’s first physical impression. Of everything! The city, the venues, restaurants, and of course of YOU! This week, Sales Manager Ciera Davis shares her tips on making sure the process goes smoothly!

4 Ways to Coordinate the Perfect Site Visit
by Ciera Davis, Sales Manager

1. Coordinate with your vendors.  If you are taking a client to see multiple venues or restaurants make sure that you contact everyone and that you are all on the same page in terms of the timing of the site visit.  If you realize that will not be visiting one of the venues or you are running late, do your best to let your vendor know.

2. Roll out the Welcome Mat. If the client flying in from out of town offer to pick them up from the airport or at least see if you can assist with setting up any transportation.  Also, keep them updated on the weather so that they know what to pack and what to wear.  Little details like this will impress your client before you event meet them! Another great tip: put cold bottles of water and dry snacks in your car in case the client gets thirsty/hungry at some point during the site visit.

3. Over Prepare. Go over your schedule/route before you meet with the client.  Make sure you know how to get to each of the location and how much time it will take to get from point A to point B.  The worst is getting lost on a site visit, especially when they are counting on you to know San Diego like the back of your hand.

4. Make Conversation (not controversy).  It is likely that you will be sitting in the car with this person for at least 15-20 minutes at a time as you drive from venue to venue, and that can be an incredibly painful 20 minutes if it is a silent car ride. The idea of a site visit is to not only show the client around but to also get to know them and bond with them.  Bonding with a client will get you 2 steps closer to signing a contract, guaranteed.  So make conversation about anything light: sports, where they are from, have they ever been to San Diego before, how long have they been with their company, etc.  This probably goes without saying but make sure to steer clear of conversations about religion, politics, etc, unless for some reason it pertains to their site visit.