Tuesday Tips! 4 Ways to Execute the BEST Teambuilding Event!

Tuesday Tips is Back! This week’s round of tips comes from Operations Manager/Director of Product Development Sally Davis. She is our teambuilding expert and is constantly creating new ways to give clients a one-of-a-kind teambuilding experience. We asked Sally to give us:

4 Ways to Execute the BEST Teambuilding Event!

The KEY to a good, fun, well executed teambuilding event like Olympics on the Beach, Corporate Castaways,  Amazing Race, U-Build-It Cars is ENERGY!   Energy from the Official In Charge, from the referees, the music, the guests and, oh yeah, good weather helps too!

1. Pre planning is KEY.  Teambuilding events are three to four hours of activities, games and décor so they have lots of parts and pieces to make them happen.  All of those pieces come from our warehouse, from vendors, or suppliers. It is super important to keep track of all of them, making sure we have not just what we need that day, but extras of all the important pieces. Planning for contingencies, having backups for everything AND knowing where the Home Depot, Ace Hardware, CVS, and other such stores are make the Ops Manager’s life much easier on-site.   My personal challenge for every teambuilding is to come to the site so well-prepared that we never have to go back to the warehouse or hunt in stores for a missing piece while setting up.

2. Make sure your staff is well informed. The games perform well only if every staff member knows what’s happening all the time, how to run their part of the games and how to handle excited, amped up guests (that can be a challenge in itself!)

-We have in depth briefings after the teambuilding event is set up but before guests arrive so the staff can see exactly what each activity looks like and so they know what their duties are, how to referee each game and how to score it if necessary.

-We also take good care of our staff, providing snacks and warm drinks for early morning set ups, or a good solid lunch on site before the event begins.  A happy, well-fed staff makes for a much happier event.

-Teambuilding events often include loading in heavy equipment and supplies over distances and often, over deep sand, so it’s important to have enough staff to make sure none of the staff is overworked or gets hurt.

3. Make Sure to Have a Strong and FUNNY Official in Charge (Master of Ceremonies). The OIC must be someone who is really good at controlling large crowds in fun ways. They also must be able to keep up the energy and momentum of the teambuilding event and keep it on time.  We are lucky to have some of the best OICs around – Matt Robbins, Pete Green, Ric Brandt, and our newest OIC – James Bennett.

4. Good music!  High energy, appropriate music adds everything to a teambuilding event.  We have different playlists for each teambuilding we do from “Rockin’ Down the Highway” for U-Build-It Cars to “Jungle Boogie” for Corporate Castaways.

We Work Really Hard so our Guests Can Have Tons O’ Fun.