Tuesday Tips – 5 Items Every Event Planner Needs!

So you’ve got business cards, a calendar and a great CRM…
Here are 5 More Items Every Event Planner should have at their disposal!
by Rachelle Kirchner, Operations Manager

1. A great purse (or other carrying case).  Make sure it is big enough to fit business cards, keys, sunglasses, water bottle, snacks, chapstick and any other personal items you may need throughout a typical day.  It is best if the purse or carrying case can fit across your body or around your waist so you don’t have to worry about holding onto it.

2. Clipboard with pocket.  Having a clip board with a flat clip and pocket makes it easy to not only have all necessary papers with you when you need them but also allows for easily sliding it into a bag, purse or other spot along with other random things you need for your event.

3. Phone numbers.  Before going on-site for an event make sure you have any and all phone numbers you could possibly need, and make sure they are easily accessible.  The easiest way to show the client you have immediately started fixing any problems that arise is by making a phone call and the faster you can do that the better.

4. Nice shoes.  Shoes that are both supportive and stylish are a must for meeting planners.  All day long events take a toll on your body so you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself and your body by supporting it from the bottom up.  Clarks, Ecco or Merrills are good brands to try.

5. Great relationships with vendors/venues.  Don’t burn any bridges!  Throughout the meeting planning world it is very likely you will run into someone you have already worked with so it is important to maintain positive relationships with everyone you work with whether they are your client, vendor or CSM, you would be surprised how you run into the same people again and again.