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“Tuesday Tips” is a new blog project from The Event Team that will share our advice on all things professional and personal. We want to share our industry expertise, and we want you to get to know the team, so each week we’ll feature a new set of tips for your reading pleasure! Feel free to comment of make suggestions for new “Tuesday Tips.” We love to hear from you!
This “Tuesday Tip” comes to you from our Senior Sales Manager Romy Linde. Romy has been with The Event Team for over 9 (hundred) years (it seems like). She is a blur in motion at the office- going on site visits, taking hoteliers to lunch, cranking out proposals at lightning speed, etc., but she still takes the time to keep her finger on the pulse of the event industry. So we asked her advice on:

How to Keep up with Fresh and New Ideas in the Event Industry:

1. Subscribe to local blogs, newsletters, websites & magazines.
Look for sites and publications that contain information on special events and findings in the region. The Event Team wants our clients to get excited about experiencing our destination! We love to propose standard attractions like the Zoo, Sea World, Disneyland, etc., but we ALSO want to give clients the options of living like a local. One of my favorite daily newsletter/blogs is Thrillist, and a great magazine suggestion is BizBash LA. (Another great idea is to sign up for The Event Team’s blog…wink wink).

2.Check out New Hotspots on Your Personal Time.
The event industry is no place for homebodies. Take your friends to that new wine bar you just heard about. Make a date night reservation at a newly opened restaurant. While you’re at the venue, try to imagine what a corporate event would look & Feel like there. Take a peek at the private event spaces if possible. Pay attention to the quality of food and customer service.

3. Brainstorm.
Once you become aware of a new venue or trend and experience it for yourself, the last step is figuring out how to put your research into action. Do this by reporting your findings and getting the rest of your team involved. Hold short brainstorming sessions during weekly sales meetings. Forward emails that catch your eye to the appropriate people in your office. Maybe the sales team can hold a mixer in a new venue or develop a new team building program out of a buzz-worthy local trend? If you received horrible service at a new restaurant, be sure everyone knows not to send groups there until the problem is corrected! On the other hand, if you enjoyed your experience and find potential in the venue for group events, follow up by scheduling a site visit for the entire office so your team can familiarize themselves with the space.

Senior Sales Manager
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