Tuesday Tips from TET

“Tuesday Tips” is a new blog project from The Event Team that will share our advice on all things professional and personal. We want to share our industry expertise, and we want you to get to know the team, so each week we’ll feature a new set of tips for your reading pleasure! Feel free to comment of make suggestions for new “Tuesday Tips.” We love to hear from you!

This “Tuesday Tip” comes to you from our fearless leader Matt Robbins. Matt started The Event Team nearly 20 years ago, and 2011 has been the company’s most successful year to date. Matt is always quick to give his team credit for the company’s success. But we give him all the credit for utilizing our strengths and empowering us in our jobs. We asked him…

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How to Get the Most out of Your Employees:

1. Treat them like individuals
. No two people are alike and no two employees are alike. Don’t have a set way of dealing with everyone.

2. Trust them. If you start out trying to make an employee prove their trust you will never get it. Trust them from the beginning and you will be rewarded.

3. Lead by example. Don’t ask anyone to do something you would not be willing to do yourself.

4. Empower them. Don’t make employees have to come to you for every little thing. Give them the power to make decisions. It will make your employees and customers much happier!

5. Keep them informed. Have weekly meetings where you can keep everyone informed on what is going on at the company. Make them a part of the decision making process.

6. Reward them. There are many ways to reward employees and it’s not always about money. Have fun together!