Tuesday Tips from TET

“Tuesday Tips” is a new blog project from The Event Team that will share our advice on all things professional and personal. We want to share our industry expertise, and we want you to get to know the team, so each week we’ll feature a new set of tips for your reading pleasure! Feel free to comment of make suggestions for new “Tuesday Tips.” We love to hear from you!

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This week’s Tuesday Tip comes from Sales Manager Ciera Davis. Before joining The Event Team in January of 2011, Ciera worked with The Four Seasons in Chicago as well as a high-end travel agency in San Diego. She brought great sales skills and a can-do attitude with her to this position, so we asked her to give us the scoop on…

3 Ways to Obtain & Cultivate New Leads

1. The Internet.  Google and LinkedIn can be a sales person’s best friend.  I allocate at least one hour per day to googling for conventions or conferences coming to to the area. Once I find an event that has potential, I do some more digging around to find out who the contact is for the event.  Linkedin is also another great source for leads, especially since many companies create Linkedin pages for events that they are hosting.  Once you find the event, it is pretty easy to find the person who created the page (typically this is the person responsible for organizing the event).  Bam!  You have a new lead!

2. Get in Touch.So you have your leads, now what?  Get in contact with them. Pick up the phone or write an email.  I try to dedicate one hour first thing in the morning to calling or emailing any new potential leads (my goal is 5 per day).  The key with calling or emailing is to come off as non-invasive as possible.  We have all picked up the phone before and found an annoying, pushy sales person on the other end.  Whenever I am making a call or sending an email my goal is to be exactly the opposite of that.  Keep it short and sweet, let them know that you are here to help them if they need it and then end with some type of call to action (ie, can we set up a time to talk and discuss your event?  May I call back and follow up with you in a couple of weeks?).

3. Persistence is key.  For every 20 contacts you reach out to, you may only get 1 potential sell, but don’t let this get you down.  The more you do it, the easier the “no’s” get.  And every time you reach out to a potential client you can think of it as a practice session for the big-time lead you are bound to nail one day!