Tuesday Tips from TET!

“Tuesday Tips” is a new blog project from The Event Team that will share our advice on all things professional and personal. We want to share our industry expertise, and we want you to get to know the team, so each week we’ll feature a new set of tips for your reading pleasure! Feel free to comment of make suggestions for new “Tuesday Tips.” We love to hear from you!

Today’s Tuesday Tip comes from our Director of Sales & Marketing Lindsay White. Lindsay just celebrated her 4 year anniversary with The Event Team. In that time, Lindsay has worked in almost every facet of the company, starting in Operations, then moving to Sales, and more recently focusing on Marketing. Her main focus is on helping the Sales Team run efficiently and look good while they’re at it. So we asked her to give us some tips on…

How To Make Your Team Shine

1. Prioritize: No job is created equal. If you are in a position where other people on your team rely on you for projects, then you need to be best friends with a calendar. As I type this blog, I can see 4 calendars in my peripheral vision, and yes, they each have a distinct purpose. I’m not saying you have to have 4 calendars, but I am saying you need to constantly ask yourself the question “Who needs what done and when?” I think one of the rudest things you can do in a business environment is not respect someone’s time. Another trick on prioritizing: anytime someone gives you a deadline, write it in your calendar as a day or two earlier than it actually is. It keeps the procrastination bug away and allows time to troubleshoot any last-minute problems.

2. Streamline: Here’s a new question you must always ask yourself: “Is there an easier way to do this?” When I moved over to the Sales department, I immediately noticed that the way we share information with each other on our server could be drastically improved. So we found new ways to maintain shared information that make it much easier for the sales team to quickly find what they need. Years later, we’re still constantly streamlining our information-sharing systems. For example, we implemented quick-reference pricing binders that are updated every time one of our preferred vendors sends us new rates. We also just invested in an updated CRM program that will drastically improve the way we gather and share information.

3. Focus on your Brand: One thing I love about our Sales Team is that we are truly a team. We don’t compete against each other, we tackle projects together, and we meet on a weekly basis to discuss ways to improve as a unit. An ever-present topic at these meetings is our brand. What is our message? What do we want to be known for? How do we want others to perceive us? These discussions have brought about some great changes in the last few months, including a brand “facelift” that will be officially revealed in 2012 (our company’s 20th anniversary). We believe that our people and the quality of our service places us high above the competition, so it is my job to make that come across in every proposal, advertisement, event invitation, etc. This is where I get to be creative, and I love it!

4. We Want Your Eyeballs: Ok, so that sounded gross as I typed it, but it’s true. Developing your brand is only one side of the marketing coin. The flip side is promotion. You have to get out there and get in front of as many pairs of eyeballs as possible. Make sure your sales team is active in your local industry, sitting on boards & committees, and attending those schmoozy networking events. Learn everything you can about social media on an ongoing basis and implement what works for your company. (Don’t forget to like us on FB!) Same goes for web optimization, online marketing and advertising. The bad news is there are so many ways to promote your company and brand that it is very time-consuming and overwhelming to figure out the best approach. But the good news is there are so many ways to promote your company that you will never run out of things to try.

5. Be Kind and Authentic: Our brand is our people. And our people are the nicest, friendliest, most helpful people you will ever meet. They don’t act this way because they want your business. They don’t “act” this way at all, because they are not acting. We hire good people! I can’t stress the importance of genuine kindness enough. Whether it’s with your own co-workers or an important client, break out that golden rule and let it choose every word that comes out of your mouth.