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“Tuesday Tips” is a new blog project from The Event Team that will share our advice on all things professional and personal. We want to share our industry expertise, and we want you to get to know the team, so each week we’ll feature a new set of tips for your reading pleasure! Feel free to comment of make suggestions for new “Tuesday Tips.” We love to hear from you!
Today’s Tuesday Tip comes from our VP of Sales & Marketing Bill Yahres. Bill is in charge of all association & convention business, so he is constantly managing large groups under tight deadlines. Although he spends a lot of time reeling in the business, he’s not all work and no play. He is the joke-ster of our crew, always cracking jokes and making sure we take a break in our busy day for laughs. We asked Bill to share with us…

How to Achieve a Work/Life Balance:
There is much written about achieving balance in our lives, and I’ve certainly read my share of articles and books on the subject.  I’ve extracted a few of my favorites to get you started and point you in the right direction in navigating towards a more balanced life both personally and professionally.

While you can’t control all of the factors that impact your work/life balance, there are some things you can control. Acting on these tips will help you achieve better work/life balance, and make you more productive at work!

Ask your employer for support
Many organizations have policies in place to help employees achieve better work/life balance. Most businesses recognize that workers who are healthier and more balanced are better for the organization’s productivity and long-term success – and that work/life imbalance hurts business.

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed, first try asking your employer for their support.

  • Start by determining what you need to achieve work/life balance. (Many personal coaches use an exercise called the “Life Balance Wheel” to help identify what areas in your life may need some focus and attention.  A sample of this may be found at the following URL, give it a try! http://web.me.com/alexmezey/LifeClarityCoaching/Life_Balance_Wheel.html
  • Research the policies and practices your employer has in place (such as flexible work hours, telecommuting and job sharing.  This is practiced in our office and has been extremely effective for many of our employees.
  • Look at the situation from your employer’s point of view; be ready to outline a clear plan, how it will impact the workplace and how that impact will be addressed.

Even without formally making changes to your working conditions, there are a number of ways you can improve your work/life balance.

At Work
Schedule brief breaks for yourself throughout the day.
Your productivity and effectiveness will increase if you take even a ten-minute break every two hours and overall, you will get more accomplished.

At the end of each day, set your priorities for the following day. Be realistic about what you can achieve in the time you have available.  This is one I practice consistently and highly recommend!

Only respond to email once or twice a day. Then, shut off your email program to avoid being distracted as messages come in. Many will disagree on this one but there is a happy medium.  Try turning off your automatic send/reply and retrieve incoming mail only when necessary, for example anticipating an important or expected message, etc.

Make a distinction between work and the rest of your life. Protect your private time by turning off electronic communications. Don’t be available 24/7.  Don’t worry – the world will continue to turn without you for a few hours.

Address concerns about deadlines and deliverables early. As soon as you see that a deadline is unrealistic, communicate your concerns to your employer and/or your clients – don’t wait until the deadline passes.

Take all of your allotted vacation time. Taking vacation allows you to come back to work refreshed and more productive.  Did somebody say Cabo?

Play Together.  The Event Team schedules two multi-day retreats every year, and several local outings to keep us sane and balanced.  There is no match for fun and laughter and this remains a large part of our company culture and success.  

At Home
Make healthy food choices.
Healthy eating will gives you and your family more energy. Experiment. Maybe try a raw food diet or a cleansing for a few weeks.  I’ve always adopted the idea that if it grows or swims it’s probably a good choice.  Try to avoid the boxes, cans and bags of empty calories!

Exercise. Begin every day working up a good sweat even if it’s only for 20 minutes at a time, you’ll feel more energized and refreshed.

Create a buffer between work and home. After work, take a brief walk, play tennis, go for a run, or listen to some music before beginning the evening’s routine.

Decide what chores can be shared or let go. Determine which household chores are critical and which can be done by someone else. Let the rest go.

Create and implement a household budget. Start by setting aside some money from each pay check for the future.

Pursue a hobby. Either with friends or family or for some quality time on your own.  Isn’t there something you’ve always wanted to do?

In Your Community
Make choices.
Social, community and volunteer obligations pull us in many directions. Choose the ones that are most fulfilling and learn to say ‘no’ to the rest. Remember, giving is healing and good for your soul, what organization touches your heart?

Manage expectations. Be clear at the outset about how much time or support you can contribute to community organizations or your children’s school events.

For more tips and advice, contact Bill at byahres@eventteam.com