Tuesday Tips – How to Create a Winning Proposal

The Event Team is known for our creative proposals and quick turn-around time! Ciera Davis is our newest sales manager and already has a high closing percentage because she makes an effort to ensure her proposals meet her clients’ goals and objectives. Today’s set of tips lets you in on a few of her secrets!

3 Ways to Put Together a Winning Proposal
by Ciera Davis, Sales Manager

1.) Know your client. The most important part of the proposal (in my opinion) is the content and how well you tailor a program to your particular client.  So make sure to ask plenty of questions when you first speak to the client to get an idea of what they are looking for.  I like to ask clients what they have done in the past and what the liked/didn’t like.  Another question to ALWAYS ask is the budget question.  It is so important to know what a client is looking to spend in order to send them a personalized proposal.  Otherwise you may be sending them a champagne proposal when they are on a beer budget and you will end up wasting your time and theirs.

2.) Be timely. Make sure you get the proposals to your clients in a timely fashion. If for some reason you won’t be able to make a deadline, make sure to communicate this with your client so they aren’t just waiting around for your proposal. The quicker you can get the client your proposal the better, especially if you know that you are in a bidding situation.

3.) Double check your work.  We are all human and sometimes we make mistakes BUT if you are able to take a little extra time to double check your work it can really make huge difference in how your client perceives you.  If you are sending proposals with spelling errors and weird formatting then they are going to perceive you as not being detail oriented, and who wants someone like that planning their corporate event?  And taking extra time to check your numbers is important too.  The worst is having to call up a client and tell them that you forgot to include something in the cost of the program; that can erode the client’s trust in you right away, and we don’t want that!

Have you noticed our fresh new logo, tagline, color palette and proposal format? It’s all part of our 20th Anniversary Celebration! Contact us today about your upcoming event, and we’ll show you why our proposals are the best! Contact us at 888-EVENT-88 or info@eventteam.com.