Welcome to The Event Team’s New Website!

The Event Team is thrilled to welcome you to our new and improved website!

We have always received compliments from clients on the personality of our website, especially our team photo shoots and “super people” profiles. We didn’t want to lose that unique element, but design-wise we were definitely overdue for a new look.

We wanted it to be just right, so our website committee put their heads together and came up with some goals. In addition to showcasing our incredibly talented roster of hospitality professionals,  we wanted fantastic photos from some of our best corporate events.

We also wanted to reflect Southern California’s laid-back vibe.

A huge priority was keeping all pages and content nice, neat and concise. It’s tempting to cater to the search engine robots with excessive info and keywords, but we’d rather cater to our human clients who don’t have time for that extra noise.

Lastly, we wanted to be different than our competitors. Because the same is boring. If you hire a snooze-fest DMC, chances are the events they provide will also be yawn-worthy.

Some days, the process of creating a brand new website felt a little like giving birth.

But we’re really proud of the work everyone did and now we have this beautiful newborn baby website for the world to see!

There are still a couple kinks to iron out with the mobile version,  but in the meantime we encourage you to take a look around and learn more about our super people and our superior events! And don’t hesitate to call us for your next corporate event!